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What You Need to Know About Super Max Mode of NBA 2K18

Super Max is an NBA 2K18 MyTeam mode where players from the same league compete to win the season and to get promotions.

MyTeam is one of the NBA 2K18 modes that received some new features and improvements. One of these updates concerns Super Max. This is a mode that provides a competitive environment for players. One of the most interesting things about this mode is that all players can take part in it no matter of their skill. The first phase consists of placement matches. Players will be randomly paired to determine their level of skill. Random matchmaking may not seem fair but keep in mind that this is just the starting phase and not the actual competition. Players are assigned to leagues based on their skill and performance in placement matches. Matches are being played between members of the same league so opponents will have similar skills. This system is a great way to ensure that the game is challenging and fun for all players.

Players shouldn't worry too much about their performance in placement matches because they can advance to better leagues. It's not hard to guess how league advancement is achieved. The more wins players score, the better the chances of being promoted to the next league. Players' hard work is rewarded with prizes. Super Max has seasons and each season has rounds. The reward system takes into consideration how well players fared in each round. Wins matter but losses count as well. Ideally, players will end the season with as few lost matches as possible. The end of the season is the time when the rewards are received.

Players will build their teams by choosing from a multitude of available MyTeam cards, however, they must consider the salary cap. Each round can have another salary cap as this parameter is updated. Players can choose whichever cards they wish with the condition of not exceeding the cap. The salary cap system regulates the cap of each card depending on its frequency of use. A card used by lots of players will have its cap increased, so there's a limitation of NBA 2K18 MT you could get from player cards. The most used cards will have the cap set to Super Max level. Players may be forced to rethink their team setup and make some changes. New MyTeam cards are regularly added so players have enough choices.

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